One (final) Night in Bangkok

One final night in a beautiful hotel in this huge city. I wasn't fully recovered yet from the sickness we experienced in Railay, and my stomach was finally settling after the seasickness on the boat, so it was nice to have a bit of down time. We didn't get to experience all the amenities The Banyan Tree Hotel had to offer, but we did experience some. We had a drink on the rooftop bar with incredible views of the city at night and a wonderful sushi dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel. After dinner we walked to a nearby night market but quickly left after we were bombarded by men asking you to come in, showing you a list of things women do with their vaginas. “Hey, you want ping pong show?”. “Never try never know!”. This market was a block long, maybe a bit longer and only the width of an alley so having over 15 guys all from different clubs ask you the same questions gets to be a bit much, fast.

The next morning I was not feeling well so Tessa went and had a steam as I lay on the bed, hoping it would go away before starting our 20 hour journey home. But I did muster up the energy to visit the largest solid gold statue of Buddha in the world at a nearby temple, and then we caught a cab to the airport.

What an incredible time we had. We are home now; been here for just under a week. We are still jet-lagged, trying to get back to Edmonton time with our lingering illness clearing up. None of that matters though; minor discomfort for such a fulfilling life experience. Our time there, especially in Cambodia, really opened our eyes that we have it so incredibly good and easy here. That we are very quick to anger when someone barely crosses the white line into our lane while driving, whereas in Thailand and Cambodia their 4 lanes are actually 8 but still ultimately mean nothing. That taking a risk or venturing into the unknown can reward you with experiences you didn't think you'd ever have, only read about. I had planned a lot of what we did before we left but we had such rich adventures too with the things that just came to be. Throughout our 35 days abroad we ate incredibly tasty food, wandered among old ruins, released lanterns to join the thousands of others in the night sky, fed and bathed elephants, learned how to make our own tasty Thai dishes, hiked around Thailand's tallest peak, took many various forms of transportation, sat ringside for two Muay Thai fights, shot some really big scary guns, learned about how awful humans can be, learned how amazing humans can be while exploring the top UNESCO world heritage site, relaxed on the most beautiful beach, shared a near-death experience on the open water with five other people from around the world, ventured through one of the oldest (and loudest) rain forests on earth, floated on the most tranquil lake in the mountains, journeyed deep into a cave where we conquered our fears, spent 4 amazing days on a boat while completing 15 dives at some of the worlds best sites, and wrapped it all up in luxury at a beautiful hotel in the city where it all began. Thank you, first of all, for following us along in our honeymoon journey. Thank you to those that made this all happen with your generous wedding gifts. You gave us something infinitely more valuable than a bread maker or ironing board. We will cherish these memories and experiences for the rest of our lives. We are forever changed. Thank you.


Cole and Tessa

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