Liveaboard and Khao Lak

We are back in Khao Lak for our final full day in one place. Khao Lak is beautiful. It feels a lot like Playa del Carmen, only with a rainforest, mountains, and rocky beaches. Certainly a place to visit again as it is also the main port for a majority of diving excursions and liveaboards. Sitting at our resort we are surrounded by Germans so I guess this is their Mexico. But I just Google mapped it and Mexico is closer to Germany than Thailand is. Huh, who would have thought?

Four days and four nights on a boat with only one purpose, diving. It was hard, harder than I thought it would be. Diving four times a day is very draining as your body tries to deal with a huge amount of compression and release of nitrogen that has built up. Also, we fought with sea sickness everyday, which I didn’t really think would happen. Still, it was a hell of an experience that I am very grateful for.

Each morning would start with our dive guide walking up and down the hall shouting “Wakey wakey divers! Good morning, time to get up and dive. Good morning!” This was at 6am and you had half a hour to get dressed and on the deck for our first dive briefing. We were in the the water by 6:45am, out by 8am, breakfast, in the water again at 10, lunch at 12, in the water again at 2, snacks, dive again at 4, then dinner and beer. Latest we were able to stay awake was 10pm, most nights we were in bed earlier.

We were rewarded with Thailand’s best dive sites: The Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, and the world famous Richelieu Rock. Each dive we did got better than the last with clearer water, more corals, and bigger/more fish. We didn't get to see any Manta Rays or Whale Sharks. However, we were lucky enough to experience enormous schools of many different kinds of fish, numerous octopi, colourful eels, snakes, porcupine fish, and a cuttlefish. We are just going to have to come back, I guess, to see the big guys.

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